Kangaroo EA

written by expertadvisord on March 18, 2011 in Expert Advisors MT4 with no comments

Download: KangarooEAEURUSDv5.1

Download2: KangarooEAAUDUSDv5.1


About a month ago, several readers contacted me and pointed out KangarooEA. I must admit it stirred my curiosity at the time, even though it only had a forward test and some general info, so I followed it kind of closely and contacted the author about it. As it turns out, the developer extensively used the methods detailed in my tick data article, so he was already familiar with my work and he was kind enough to promise (and deliver) a review copy as soon as the EA was released. To my utter delight, my tick data page is even mentioned in the manual. At the time when I started following it, tulipfx.com, the Kangaroo home page that is configured more or less in a blog-style, already contained a bunch of very interesting articles that I read from top to bottom and I kept an eye on it since then, reading the articles that popped up in the meantime. I strongly recommend reading these write-ups; they touch some old & new topics, present some problems in a new light and TulipFX seems to have a higher posting frequency than I do.

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